The Serendipity Fund was established following a donation from McMahon International in 2009, from proceeds donated from the 2008 Andrea Bocelli tour of Australian and New Zealand.


The Serendipity Fund provides funding for a quality, sustainable education to children living in Papua New Guinea (PNG) whose lives have been affected by AIDS.  Serendipity benefits children who have lost one or both parents to AIDS, children whose parents are living with HIV and the children of families providing support.


This program is currently operating in PNG, where approximately 200 children are receiving financial support to continue their education.  The Serendipity Fund plans to extend the program in PNG to supporting 400 children, along with an expansion of the the program into Africa


Serendipity supports families, by providing funds to enable children to complete their education.  The program covers the cost of schools books, uniforms and fees.  The average cost of a child’s education in PNG is $3000.  Without a parent or guardian to cover these costs, most children orphaned by AIDS leave school and work to contribute to the extended family household.


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